Another Side of Bob Dylan

by Plastic Section

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This mini-album was written, arranged and recorded on March 17 and 18 and released on March 19, 2012 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of Bob Dylan's self-titled debut album, released on March 19, 1962.
It's a folk-punk rock & roll re-imagining of that album, made as an irreverent tribute to an album that meant a lot to me when I was first discovering music, done in the spirit of something like Pussy Galore covering the Stones' Exile on Main Street...
I haven't listened to the original album for years, so I have created new interpretations of what I remember of the traditional folk songs, and written a couple of new songs inspired by some of the original songs on the original album.


released March 19, 2012

Vocals, guitars, harmonica, drums, percussion, kazoo and cover painting by Ben Edwards. Live photo by Yoko Sakomoto.



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Plastic Section Thailand

Plastic Section is a musical project led by Australian artist Ben Edwards, with Put Wednesday on drums and Pok Pongprayoon on bass. The music is mainly inspired by weird rockabilly, roots rock n roll, raw rhythm and blues and surrealist twists. Plastic Section is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. ... more

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Track Name: Talking Bangkok Blues
It's a city of fun, a city of fear
A city of violence, a city of cheer
Contradiction is the city key
It's the perfect place for a surrealist like me

1% of people got 99% of all the money
While 1% ain't got a cent
98 % just try to stay afloat
While as for me - I'm just plain broke

They keep building buildings
And most of them are malls
Some are condominiums
And that's about all
All the old architecture slowly disappears
And it's starting to look pretty bland around here

Some people are pretty, some are pretty vain
Some are pretty friendly and some are insane
20 million people all rushing around
And the clock never stops
In this crazy old town

The traffic on the roads is like a cluster fuck
If you walk on the footpath
You're pushing your luck
But Bangkok is a city that's truly alive
And if you survive..
You're gonna have a good time!
Track Name: No Good
It feels so good to be so bad
You ought to know
You're the worst I've ever had
You're no good
That's why you're good for me

You've been known to drive a man
Around the bend
And this long and winding road
Never seems to end
Baby you're no good
That's why you're good for me

You drive me around the bend
You drive me up the wall
But I guess it's better than
Going nowhere at all
Baby you're no good
That's why you're good for me
Track Name: If Bobby Were a Gunslinger there'd be a Lot of Dead Imitators
If you were a gunslinger I know there would be
A million dead imitators at your feet
Your voice of sandpaper is now like broken glass
Marinated in bourbon and smoked in the grass

You said that you wanted some hard travelling too
Well I guess by now Woddy would be proud of you
The world may be dying but you've seen it all
Like a one-eyed cat peeping in the seafood store..
Track Name: HWY Blues
There's a highway out there
Runs right by my door
I haven't got a car
And I'm not going to travel that road

There's a highway out there
I can hear the brakes scream high pitch
There's blood on the road
And a motorcycle mangled in the ditch

There's a killer on the road
Here in the land of smiles
Thousands killed every year
A death for every 15 miles

Out there, there's a highway
Runs by my baby's door
There are card bombs and road blocks
But I can make it I'm sure